Shell E4 Demo Day: Future of Energy

November 15-16

Energy Entrepreneurship Livestream


Wed 16 Nov

Energy Entrepreneurship


  • Event Starts - 2:00pm (IST)

    At Shell, we believe AI in energy transition and Energy Entrepreneurship are two of the key megatrends that will impact the world in the coming decades. The rise of growth in digitalization and business models is looking for a greener and more sustainable ecosystem for the proper development of energy transition that is equally delivered worldwide and allows opportunities for individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit.

    The Shell E4 Program brings ideas to life by providing a platform for collaboration and conversation around valuable energy transitions. Those with an enterprising mindset and innovative ideas stand a chance to get access to infrastructure, expertise, and customers to help them accelerate their business growth and technical viability.

  • Welcome Note & Opening Address

    • Pratibha Priyadarshini headshot avatar

      Pratibha Priyadarshini

      VP HR, Shell India

    • Yuri Sebregts headshot avatar

      Yuri Sebregts

      Chief Technology Officer, Shell

  • Startup Stories

    • Rajesh Solanki headshot avatar

      Rajesh Solanki

      Founder, Energos

    • Sanjay Verkey (Moderator) headshot avatar

      Sanjay Verkey (Moderator)

      GM Mobility, India

  • Fireside Chat - 'Tech Pictures of the Future'

    • Ajay Mehta headshot avatar

      Ajay Mehta

      VP Engineering Technology, Projects & Technology, Shell

    • Cyril Yee headshot avatar

      Cyril Yee

      Co-Founder & Chief Innovation officer, 3rd Derivative

    • Dan Jeavons headshot avatar

      Dan Jeavons

      VP Computational Science & Digital Innovation, Shell

    • Aimee LaFleur (Moderator) headshot avatar

      Aimee LaFleur (Moderator)

      Lead Research Investment Advisor, TL LRR

  • Panel Discussion 2 - 'Investment in early stage ideas'

    • Aymeric Penven headshot avatar

      Aymeric Penven

      Director of Deeptech Entrepreneurship, HEC Paris

    • Vipul Kumar headshot avatar

      Vipul Kumar

      Senior Partner, Xynteo

    • Dr. Marwah Al-Ansary headshot avatar

      Dr. Marwah Al-Ansary

      GM Long Range Research & Experimentation, Shell

    • Neil Whittaker headshot avatar

      Neil Whittaker

      Incubation Manager, Energy System Catapult

    • Anandi Iyer headshot avatar

      Anandi Iyer

      Director, Fraunhofer India

    • Tarun Varma (Moderator) headshot avatar

      Tarun Varma (Moderator)

      VP HR Project and Technology, Shell

  • Panel Discussion 3 - 'Venture investing trends and growth sectors: India and global view'

    • Samir Shah headshot avatar

      Samir Shah

      Managing Partner, Peak Ventures

    • Suryaprakash Konanuru headshot avatar

      Suryaprakash Konanuru

      CTO, Ideaspring Capital

    • Shailesh Salvi headshot avatar

      Shailesh Salvi

      Executive Director, Exfinity Venture Partners LLP

    • Chetan Dhawan (Moderator) headshot avatar

      Chetan Dhawan (Moderator)

      Investment & Portfolio Manager, Shell Ventures

  • Investor Connect With E4 Startups - Virtual

    An opportunity for investors and startups to connect and chat about their innovative solutions and how they are helping shape, accelerate and scale energy transition opportunities.