Shell E4 Demo Day: Future of Energy

October 06-07

Energy Entrepreneurship Livestream


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Thu 07 Oct

Energy Entrepreneurship


  • Event Starts - 3:00pm (IST)

    The rising global population and irreversible impact of climate change have made humankind cognizant of the need for innovative and sustainable energy sources to safeguard our future. There is a pressing need to design solutions catering to the increasing commercial demand while meeting sustainability goals.

    Emerging technologies and business models aiming for a greener and sustainable ecosystem have made this world ripe with opportunities for individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit. We can see a wave of ingenious energy generation models churning intelligent grid solutions.

    The Shell E4 Program brings ideas to life by providing a platform for collaboration and conversation around valuable energy transitions. Those with an enterprising mindset and innovative ideas stand a chance to get access to infrastructure, expertise, and customers to help them accelerate their business growth and technical viability.

  • Welcome Note & Opening Address

    • Tarun Varma headshot avatar

      Tarun Varma

      Vice President Human Resources, Technology (Shell India)

    • Yuri Sebregts headshot avatar

      Yuri Sebregts

      Executive Vice President Technology & CTO (Shell Netherlands)

  • Startup Talk - 'Breakout ideas, energy startup ecosystem readiness'

    • Greg Moran headshot avatar

      Greg Moran

      Co-founder & CEO (Zoomcar)

    • Debanjali Sengupta headshot avatar

      Debanjali Sengupta

      General Manager Lubricants (Shell India)

  • Investor View - 'Startup to scaleup'

    • Geert van de Wouw headshot avatar

      Geert van de Wouw

      Vice President Shell Ventures (Shell Netherlands)

  • Climatech Startup - 'From incubation to impact'

    • Bryan Hassin headshot avatar

      Bryan Hassin

      Co-founder & CEO (Third Derivative)

  • Entrepreneurship Masterclass - 'Idea to scale'

    • Prof. Thomas Astebro headshot avatar

      Prof. Thomas Astebro

      L’Oreal Chair in Entrepreneurship (HEC Paris)

    • Lathiki Pai headshot avatar

      Lathiki Pai

      Country Head (Microsoft Ventures India)

    • Aravind Sanka headshot avatar

      Aravind Sanka

      Co-founder (Rapido)

    • Xin Ma headshot avatar

      Xin Ma

      Managing Director Asia Platforms (Total Carbon Neutrality Ventures)

    • Shyam Menon headshot avatar

      Shyam Menon

      Co-founder (Bharat Innovation Fund)

    • Pratibha Priyadarshini headshot avatar

      Pratibha Priyadarshini

      Vice President Human Resources (Shell India)