APChemi is one of the leading solution providers for chemically recycling postconsumer plastic waste including landfill plastic waste.

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    Thu, 5 November, 2020, 2:15 pm IST

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    About APChemi


    We generate 275 million tons of plastic waste every year. Most of it reaches landfills, rivers and oceans due to lack of sustainable chemical recycling projects.

    To control plastic pollution, aggressive plastic recycling legislations are being adopted by governments globally. For complying with these legislations by 2030, global FMCGs & petrochemical industry need:

    1. 3800 chemical recycling plants each handling 50 t/day plastic waste.
    2. Dependable supply chain for 1000 Kt/year of oil produced from plastic waste.


    1. We offer sustainable cost-effective pyrolysis plants to convert plastic waste into oil.
    2. We license patented technologies to convert plastic and biomass waste into an oil used to produce:
    • Circular Economy Plastics
    • Blended Biofuels for retail or industrial use


    We have 12+ years of pyrolysis industry experience and have 4 published patents including ‘pyrolysis of multilayer packing containing PET’.

    Biggest Achievements

    We are the only company in the industry that has commissioned over 30 pyrolysis plants of capacity up to 12TPD.

    Our pyrolysis technology produces Euro-6 Petrol and Diesel biofuels commercially in India.