CogniTensor has created ‘DeepOptics’ - integrated MLOps which provides an automated and standardized development along with deployment in a collaborative workspace which helps in successfully deploying AI/ML projects at speed.

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Noida, India
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Management Team

Ashish Airon avatar

Ashish Airon

Co-founder & CTO

    Arun Aggarwal avatar

    Arun Aggarwal

    Co-founder & CEO

      Pankaj Mathur avatar

      Pankaj Mathur

      Co-founder & President

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        About CogniTensor


        Most organizations face challenges while developing an artificial intelligence use case due to a lack of collaborative platforms. According to IDC in 2021, 28% of AI/Machine Learning projects fail while about 47% of projects fail to transition from experimental to production phases. This leads to a dearth of successful and proven AI/ML based platforms and tools that can be easily integrated into current business systems.


        CogniTensor has created DeepOptics - an integrated MLOps environment that provides faster development, and deployment to power AI/ML applications. CogniTensor is building a modern DevOps stack for AI to solve Data to ML model versioning through an integrated Machine Learning environment.


        • Time-to-Market and Cost-to-Market
        • Enterprise Grade - Fault Tolerant Cloud Agnostic Solution
        • The modern DevOps stack required for AI application development
        • Domain expertise in building Energy and Manufacturing AI applications

        Biggest Achievements

        • Recognized by Harvard Club of India and was the first start-up chosen for their accelerator program
        • Member of WHO-ITU committee for setting AI standards
        • CogniTensor Co-founder & CTO Ashish Airon was awarded Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia in April, 2020