Commutec is transforming the employee transportation business into a mobility service by digitizing fleet operators and providing protocol driven, technology enabled fleet for corporate employee transportation.

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Navi Mumbai, India
USD $10K-$100K
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    Live Q&A starts at 2:30PM (IST)

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    Live Q&A with Commutec

    Tue, 3 November, 2020, 2:30 pm IST

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    About Commutec


    Corporate transportation industry is poised with lot of inefficiencies because of low technological penetration and lack of standardization. Corporates face problems of reliability, security and transparency when working with traditional fleet operators.


    We empower corporates, to manage their transportation effectively by digitizing traditional fleet operations using demand generation and management tools. This creates a network of reliable and transparent supply, ensuring corporate compliance and safety.


    We focus on operational excellence by relying on our efficient and proven automation technology.

    Our network approach enables us to scale to multiple geographies with consistent, unbiased experience.

    We use only one fifth of the manpower traditionally required.

    Biggest Achievements

    We have proved results of deploying more than 100 vehicles from a single location within 1 hour. This includes demand generation, planning, dispatching and compliance. Average industry standards for such operations takes more than 4 hours.