igrenEnergi offers an intelligent, patented, state of the art battery management system built using advancements in software and hardware to extract higher performance from Lithium-ion batteries.

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Mumbai, India
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Management Team

Jiten Apte avatar

Jiten Apte

Co-founder & CEO

    Dr. Sunit Tyagi avatar

    Dr. Sunit Tyagi

    Co-founder & CTO

      Prof. Sujit Dey avatar

      Prof. Sujit Dey

      Co-founder & Board Director

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        About igrenEnergi


        A key hurdle limiting adoption of Electric Mobility is higher cost and lower range of the current Lithium-ion batteries, which is accentuated by the lack of quality charging facility in India.


        igrenEnergi's programmable “Digital Battery Platform” comes bundled with the latest hardware & software innovations, to create batteries with the highest value-to-cost.

        Software and services that add intelligence, features, performance improvements and more to continuously rejuvenate the Battery and the EV.


        Patented algorithms and circuit topologies for “dynamic balancing”, SOC/SOH/RUL/Residual-Range, to support numerous use cases for consumer and business users.

        Biggest Achievements

        1. Strategic partnership with $15B Japanese manufacturer to license our technology and sell to their customers
        2. Several pilots and LOIs with e-microMobility OEMs, drive train companies, and shared-mobility operators in India and US
        3. 4 patents awarded, more in process
        4. Demonstrated improvements in excess of 20% increase in range, driving time, and up to 50% reduction in charging downtime