Jal Technologies

Jal Technologies

Jal Technologies offers indoor and outdoor solutions to measure and monitor air pollution in smart cities and industries.

Company Details

Surat, India
USD $101K-$500K
Not raising

Management Team

Alpesh Donga avatar

Alpesh Donga

Co-founder & Director

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Vignesh Kaneria

Co-founder & CEO

Live Q&A starts at 2:15PM (IST)

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Wed, 4 November, 2020, 2:15 pm IST

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About Jal Technologies


Environmental pollution is one of the biggest challenge faced by mankind today. To quantify this challenge, we need to be able to measure pollution levels. In India, we are still seeking the best mechanism/solution to assess the levels of pollution consistently across country.


We came up with a low-power, low-cost, highly scalable IOT sensor-based hardware to asses real-time pollution level. Our hardware is capable to monitor almost all types of environment parameters that include toxic gases & dust particles concentration. Our data analytic AI-based engine will assess periodic data to generate key insights for policymakers & stakeholders to take the right action.


We made our device light-weight, compact, highly-scalable, low-power(5V) having standalone solar- charged battery with back-up lasting 3 days.

Deep learning algorithm has been applied on the real-time data generated that feeds into an app-based data platform for instant notification, reporting and smart recommendations.

Biggest Achievements

  1. Successful pilot projects with PPC Daman/Silvassa, Surat/ Vadodara/ Rajkot Municipal corporation with data validation for 1 year
  2. Prkruti-lite is featured on amazon launch pad platform.