LogicLadder provides The Sustainability Cloud™ enabling customers for data driven Sustainability management and Net Zero transition.

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Gurugram, India
USD $1M-$5M
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Management Team

Mayank Chauhan avatar

Mayank Chauhan

Co-Founder & CEO

Atindra Chandel avatar

Atindra Chandel

Co-founder & Vice President

Akash Agarwal avatar

Akash Agarwal

Vice President Technology

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About LogicLadder


Enterprises currently lack a platform that can enable them to digitise and account for Sustainability while targeting their low carbon or Net Zero ambitions, and be ready for the stringent environmental norms and platform-led ESG disclosures to their investors.


The Sustainability Cloud™ is an enterprise SaaS platform enabling organisations to digitise their sustainability management moving to a platform-led approach to Net Zero transition and actually achieving NetZero through marketplace-led access to carbon offsets


LogicLadder is a leader in this space in the domestic Indian market. We have a lead in this segment with no direct competitor in India. We differ from our global competitors in the following ways:

  1. We are completely automated data-driven with real-time data-based integrated sustainability management, unlike traditional sustainability packages.
  2. We look holistically at carbon, water and waste with a focus to have a true NetZero environmental impact.
  3. We have a philosophy of collaboration with Regulatory bodies where we strongly integrate compliance management.
  4. Our product journey enables actually achieving NetZero through a marketplace-based carbon offset play.

Biggest Achievements

  1. Nasscom, League of 10, 2016.
  2. Managing 6000+ industries for an environmental footprint for India EPA (CPCB) at a national level.