LogicLadder offers sustainability management and pollution monitoring solutions approved by the Government of India.

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Gurugram, India
USD $1M-$5M
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Mayank Chauhan avatar

Mayank Chauhan

Co-founder & CEO

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Atindra Chandel

Co-founder & VP Marketing

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Akash Agarwal

VP Technology

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Ashutosh Fonia

VP Technology

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    Kamal Singh

    Senior VP Sales

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    Wed, 4 November, 2020, 2:15 pm IST

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    About LogicLadder


    The way in which corporate sustainability is managed today needs to be smarter and transparent. There is a challenge in capturing and managing the data daily, because it is disparate and siloed across systems leading to increased compliance risk and overspends, ultimately, pushing the net-zero ambitions far.


    ‘The Sustainability Cloud™‘ enables customers to manage emission data in real-time and reach Net-Zero Carbon goals. We currently serve 600+ customers across Asia, Middle-east, Africa and manage 5000+ facilities, where our IoT, analytics and data-science solutions help provide actionable insights using environment, energy and water-related data, thus enabling organisations manage their compliance risk and be in control of their sustainability targets


    Our solution is integrated, intelligent and collaborative. Our compliance risk framework and integration into different government reporting system saves a lot of time during reporting.

    Biggest Achievements

    1. Successfully deployed our solution to support Realtime air emission and effluent management in 5000+ industries across India for Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB)

    2. Tracking sustainability numbers across 200+ cinema theatres across India for PVR