Nirvana Energy Systems

Nirvana Energy Systems

Nirvana Energy Systems converts waste heat(or any fuel) into reliable electricity and heating(or cooling) with >90% performance efficiency.

Company Details

Ohio, United States
USD $1M-$5M
Round open now!

Management Team

Lambertus Hesselink


    James Gibbons


      William Aitkenhead

      Senior Engineering Director

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        Thu, 5 November, 2020, 2:15 pm IST

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        About Nirvana Energy Systems


        Currently, there is a challenge to provide uninterrupted supply of low-carbon/renewable energy for heating and electricity on a large scale. There is also a need to provide highly efficient, economical, HFC-free cryocooling.


        Patented ‘Thermo Acoustic Power Stick™(TAPS™) technology for fast response, highly stable hybrid solar/gas electricity, heating-cooling and combined heat and power generation for on or off-grid applications.


        Unique patented system architecture enabling lowest levelized cost of energy(LCOE), making solar and wind dispatchable. External heat engine enables utilizing any fuel, including gas, hydrogen, nuclear, diesel, and biofuel.

        Biggest Achievements

        Built product prototypes which were tested by key customer, enabling further product development leading to 2021 product launch.