OSSUS Bio is a bioenergy company supplying on-demand hydrogen gas to process industries as an alternative to fossil fuels via the OB HydraCel Device. The device allows the use of the dilute carbon content of industrial effluents as a feedstock for hydrogen gas production, recycling clean water simultaneously.

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Bengaluru, India
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Dr. Suruchi Rao avatar

Dr. Suruchi Rao

Co-founder & CEO

    Kamar Suhail Basha avatar

    Kamar Suhail Basha

    Co-founder & CTO

      Shanta Rao avatar

      Shanta Rao

      Co-founder & CLO

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        About OSSUS Bio


        For mitigating climate change, the shift away from fossil fuels needs to happen today. Existing technologies for green hydrogen production are lacking with timelines for sustainable deployment slated for 2050. For communities and business, this is simply unacceptable, and we need to make hydrogen available today.


        Ossus Bio is disrupting the hydrogen market by providing hard-to-abate industries with hydrogen gas on demand by utilizing their own effluents as feedstock. The potential for hydrogen gas generation from industrial effluents amounts can be as high as 10 tons/day, enough to completely replace the use of fossil fuels at site.


        The OB HydraCel uses biological catalysts for effecting the conversion of the dilute carbon content of effluents into hydrogen gas. The process of building these catalysts is proprietary to Ossus as well as the device which houses these catalysts in the form of a retrofittable hardware device, with minimum footprint and power requirement.

        Biggest Achievements

        • IIGP 2.0 Award
        • CII Startupreneur Award
        • Innovations in Defence Excellence (iDEX)
        • Young Scientist Award at International Naval Engineering Conference 2020
        • Qualcomm Design in India Challenge Finalists