Planys Technologies

Planys Technologies

Planys provides intelligent, safe, digital and cost-effective solutions through innovations in marine robotics, non-destructive testing and AI-enabled post-inspection platform in the underwater inspection industry.

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Chennai, India
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Management Team

 Tanuj Jhunjhunwala avatar

Tanuj Jhunjhunwala

Co-founder & CEO

    Vineet Upadhyay avatar

    Vineet Upadhyay

    Co-founder & CTO

       Prabhu Rajagopal avatar

      Prabhu Rajagopal

      Co-founder & Strategist

        Krishnan Balasubmramanian avatar

        Krishnan Balasubmramanian

        Co-founder & Advisor

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          About Planys Technologies


          Ageing infrastructure is a pressing global issue. Underwater structures need to be inspected regularly to sidestep unforeseen disasters like bridge collapses, dam bursts, etc. Presently, human divers are used for routine inspections. However, these come with a set of drawbacks like human limitations, hazardous conditions, inaccurate post-inspection data analysis, and non-digital reporting.


          Planys’ research driven approach and disruptive innovations in marine robotics by skillfully merging it with unique underwater non-destructive testing methods and AI-enabled post-inspection analytical digital reporting dashboard.

          Planys’ safe, digital, and cost-effective solutions have helped asset managers increase their efficiency and help them in keeping public assets safer.

          Planys works with several industry sectors like Ports/terminals, Oil & Gas, process industries (desalination, power, chemical plants) and Dam & Bridges - India's critical infrastructure. Till date, Planys has inspected 160+ assets across 3 countries, developed 6 products and filed close to 20 patents.


          • Safer unmanned solution with very accurate data collections & highly customizable robotic platform
          • Unique underwater NDT sensor systems unavailable elsewhere in the world that offer correct repeatable interpretation
          • Intelligent digital reporting with modern tools for data enhancement, analysis and ease of access with predictive tools
          • Executed by multidisciplinary team with vast domain expertise and professional field experience

          Biggest Achievements

          In a first, several Indian dams, railway bridges, power plants, ports etc. are being inspected by Planys’ robots at an affordable cost & using state-of-the-art technology. It is a huge leap for traditional sectors that were earlier using outdated technology. We are glad to have pioneered this technology and created a new category of inspection in the global market.