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Stelae Technologies

Stelae Technologies enables large enterprises better leverage their data assets stored in PDF documents.

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Bengaluru, India
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Wed, 4 November, 2020, 2:15 pm IST

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About Stelae Technologies


Over 80% of information in the industrial sector is in the form of PDF or Printed documents. This includes documents from the manufacturing/engineering stage to after-market documents for maintenance, repair and overhaul processes. This information is neither re-usable nor analyzable.


Our software Khemeia™ is a Document Transformation solution creating structured, analyzable and reusable information. This information can be injected into Interactive Publishing, MRO Planning and Scheduling, Predictive Analytics and Supply Chain solutions.


With over 80 pattern-recognition and structuring algorithms, Khemeia™ is an expert system. Unlike AI solutions, the testing and implementation time for Khemeia™ can be achieved with a sample set of 10 documents.

Biggest Achievements

10 million pages of documents processed through Khemeia™ with flagship customers and partners in the Aerospace and Defense, like Rolls Royce, Naval Group, a large defense installation in India and partners including Raytheon.