Shell E4 Demo Day: Future of Energy

November 15-16

Digitalization & AI in the Energy Transition Livestream


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Tue 15 Nov

Digitalization & AI in the Energy Transition


  • Event Starts - 2:00pm (IST)

    Energy transition and digitalization are two fundamental transformations that are changing the world. Significant investment is required in the modernization, digitalization, and automation of networks to ensure an efficient, safe, and reliable transition. The threat of climate change looms, and we stand at an inflection point with a need to transition to innovative, inclusive, and affordable solutions to drive sustainable change.

    Shell is at the helm of developing and investing in new technologies contributing to a cleaner energy future. The AI & Digitalization event explores groundbreaking ideas that can transform the face of the energy system as we know it.

  • Welcome Note & Opening Address

    • Nitin Prasad headshot avatar

      Nitin Prasad

      Country Chair, Project and Technology, Shell India

    • Harry Brekelmans headshot avatar

      Harry Brekelmans

      Project and Technology Director, Shell

  • Startup Pitches Round 1 - Shell E4 2022 Cohort

    • Uptime AI logo

      Uptime AI

      Bengaluru & San Francisco, India & USA

      First AI based Virtual Expert that learns and solves operational problems like an expert to improve energy, performance & reliability in manufacturing industries.

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    • Wenergie logo


      Bangalore, India

      Wenergie orchestrates Distributed Energy Resources such as Solar Generation, Battery Storage, Dispatchable Loads and Electric Vehicles to work optimally together through Nucleus, its Clean Energy Automation Platform.

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  • Fireside Chat - “Startup to Scaleup. Journey of Growth With Shell”

    • Thomas Siebel headshot avatar

      Thomas Siebel

      Founder, C3 AI

    • Paul Den Dekker headshot avatar

      Paul Den Dekker

      Team Lead & Global Manager, Shell and Databricks

    • Dan Jeavons (Moderator) headshot avatar

      Dan Jeavons (Moderator)

      VP Computational Science & Digital Innovation at Shell

  • Icon Talk - 'Making an impact in Cleantech'

    • Deepak Bagla headshot avatar

      Deepak Bagla

      MD & CEO, Invest India

  • Startup Success

    • Daniel Raj David headshot avatar

      Daniel Raj David

      CEO & Co-Founder, Detect Technologies

    • Hariharasudhan Ramani (Moderator) headshot avatar

      Hariharasudhan Ramani (Moderator)

      GM, Digital Innovation, Shell

  • Startup Pitches Round 2 - Shell E4 2022 Cohort

    • KNP Arises logo

      KNP Arises

      Gurgaon, India

      We are creating an infrastructure for the collection of UCO and facilitating conversion to Sustainable Aviation fuel (SAF). Our objective is to meet the demand for aviation fuel which will gain momentum by 2025 as per the guidelines and regulations of The International Air Transport Association (IATA) and ensure a stable supply of the raw material for SAF.

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    • Grassroots logo


      Bangalore, India

      Grassroots Energy generates reliable and cost-effective Biomethane, Bio-Hydrogen and captures CO2 in a circular economy model while the residues are sequestered via organic fertilizers.

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  • Panel Discussion 1 - 'Accelerating Energy Transition'

    • Dr. Vibha Dhawan headshot avatar

      Dr. Vibha Dhawan

      Director General, TERI

    • Anoop Poddar headshot avatar

      Anoop Poddar

      President, EVPE

    • Prashant Rao headshot avatar

      Prashant Rao

      Director Application Engineering, Mathworks India

    • Manoj Kumar headshot avatar

      Manoj Kumar

      Founder, Social Alpha (ex TATA)

    • Dirk Smit headshot avatar

      Dirk Smit

      VP Research Strategy/Chief Scientist, Shell

    • Oshin Katulkar (Moderator) headshot avatar

      Oshin Katulkar (Moderator)

      Commercial Lead - Nature Based Solutions, Shell

  • Startup Pitches - Shell E4 Alumni

    • ExactSpace logo


      Bengaluru, India

      ExactSpace builds energy-focused AI solutions to assets across the energy value chain to help the organizations in power, oil and gas to improve asset reliability, minimize failures of critical assets, reduce the carbon footprint, and energy wastage in industrial complexes.

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    • EmbedSense logo


      Bengaluru, India

      EmbedSense is an end-to-end IoT sensors, systems and solutions company with unique energy efficiency and productivity enhancing solutions for the moulding, stamping and allied industries.

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    • LogicLadder logo


      Gurugram, India

      LogicLadder provides The Sustainability Cloud™ enabling customers for data driven Sustainability management and Net Zero transition.

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